Online competence assurance from the experts.

About E-qual Competence Assurance

Myrus is an online competence assurance system shaped by a company that understands the compliance process. Developed with industry guidance, it provides a comprehensive tracking, assessment and reporting solution for any sector.


Myrus is one of the most comprehensive competence assurance management systems available today. It has evolved over the last 10 years informed by extensive client use, thorough research and consultation with industry.

How it started

Our Electronic Portfolio was first introduced in 2005 as an e-portfolio application to benefit the delivery of vocational learning and assessment online. It was developed utilising thorough knowledge of education and training sectors.


Our Electronic Portfolio has been effectively used by various awarding bodies, training providers and colleges. It has also been adopted by the manufacturing, construction and oil and gas industries. Our e-portfolio has successfully delivered vocational qualifications, training and competency throughout the UK and abroad.


As a result of research and consulting various industry professionals, we further developed the system to become the Myrus Competence Assurance solution. We added extensive competence tracking and reporting functionality. This enables businesses to successfully implement their competence assurance processes.

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Background to E-qual Competence Portfolio