Quickly and easily add your competence framework data.

Adding Data to E-qual

Myrus has been designed to make setup and administration a simple process. An intuitive interface for adding data plus options to integration with your existing systems, Myrus gives you the tools to succcessfully implement an online competence assurance solution.


Powerful user management tools help you efficiently create users and allocate appropriate attributes and settings.


Our simple interface allows you to add and edit your users with ease.


Users can be assigned multiple roles and can switch between them quickly and easily from a single login.


Easily assign job roles, competencies and assessment teams to users.

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Add and edit users


Flexible competency completion options help you to create an efficient sign-off and assessment workflow.

Create efficient sign-off and assessment workflow with reaccreditation


Create and assign competencies with expiry periods for refreshing courses.

Administration sign-off

Administrators can sign-off competencies which don’t require evidential assessment.


Allow temporary sign-off of a competency if not completed due to extenuating circumstances.

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Assess your workers competence more accurately with customisable competence frameworks.

Create customisable competence framweworks


Build job roles from your competency frameworks to match your requirements.


Quickly allocate job roles containing all of the competencies required to your workers.


Accurately assess your workers’ competence against their job role competencies.

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Other settings.

Custom settings allow you to create a system that fits your business.


Build attributes such as sites, clients, locations, job titles and more to mirror your company structure.


Create categories to group your users and get the most from your reports.


Add assessment evidence classifications and information to aid assessment and verification.

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Custom settings allow you create a system for your organisation

Integration & Bespoke.

Incorporate Myrus into your current systems and workflow and extend it with bespoke functionality.

Integrate Myrus into your current systems and workflow


Use our API’s to send user details and other settings to Myrus from HR systems.


Progress and results can be queried and exported from Myrus into external software applications.


We can create bespoke functionality or custom reporting to meet business requirements.

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