Clients using our Competence Assurance tools

Clients of E-qual Competence Assurance

We have worked with some outstanding organisations and appreciate all of our clients. We've developed valuable partnerships with them and understand their requirements and the expectations that they have.

Our clients include:

Sparrows Group Case Study.

Sparrows Group have implemented a comprehensive competence assurance software system, across their global locations so that every employee has a competence profile. This profile accurately reflects the behaviour, skills and knowledge required for all workers in their assigned role. The profile can be updated, reported on and analysed from any location.

Sparrows Group specialise in delivering structured and bespoke solutions in the safety critical areas of lifting and mechanical handling, cable and pipe lay, and fluid power and have commissioned the use of the application for three key areas:

  • To support the development of local nationals in the Cabinda area of Angola.
  • To facilitate the completion of NVQs in the UK
  • To pilot the Global Competence Framework for Engineering personnel

The system brings many benefits to Sparrows Group and enables them to:

  • Clearly evidence the competence of workers to clients and stakeholders
  • Support professional development and career progression by defining and supporting assessment against role specific competencies
  • Consistently quality assure their competence management practices globally
  • Increase their ability to measure, track and record the competence and capabilities of employees across the business

Susan Fraser, Sparrows Group Global Head or Training and Competence said: “The implementation of the Competence Assurance system is a clear demonstration of our commitment as an organisation to the continuous improvement of our approach to competence management and the ongoing development of our people. Being able to evidence the competence of our personnel is critical to us both in terms of maintaining existing contracts and winning new work. The e-portfolio offers us a great opportunity to enhance our current approach to competence management and to leverage our capabilities as an organisation.”

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Wood Group Case Study

Our Competence Assurance software has been adopted by Wood Group to monitor the competence of its workforce on oil platforms and onshore. Our specialist expertise in the area of competence area has been fundamental in Wood Group choosing to adopt their e-portfolio system.

Wood Group logo for case study

Wood Group are the largest provider of brownfield services to the oil and gas industry. Their global network of over 29,000 people in more than 50 countries offers high integrity services that optimise the performance of facilities, maintain production, reduce operating costs, ensure asset integrity and extend the operating life of fields.

Workers on oil rigs in the North Sea are the first to benefit from using the software, before a planned rollout to all site staff worldwide.

Wood Group have chosen our systems in an effort to centralise their competence management team and provide an accurate and efficient competence reporting service to the business. We were able to add to the core system by providing customised functionality and integrate with Wood Group's existing HR and training software.

Lynne Duthie, Global Head of Learning and Development said “Implementing the system within Wood Group supports our Safety and Assurance Core Value. By having a best in class system to demonstrate that our workers are competent to fulfil their roles, we can be sure that they have the skills and knowledge they need to do their job and return home safely.”

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ARTP Case Study.

Our Competence Assurance software is being used by the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) for accreditation of spirometry practitioners in the UK.

ARTP are the guardians of quality spirometry in the UK. They offer methods to train and accredit practitioners to ensure that they are performing and interpreting results to acceptable standards. Spirometry is measuring the volumes and speed of the air you can blow out from your lungs

Candidates must be registered and assessed by ARTP in order to practice. To enable this assessment, all applicants are added to the system and assigned competence frameworks. An assessment process is undertaken to determine the level of the practitioner's skills and encourage their continuous professional development.

Assessment and competency data is gathered as candidates progress through their frameworks. The data is used by ARTP as the centralised system for recording and accrediting the competence of all members. The system also handles the refresher courses and reaccreditiation as it occurs.

This has enabled ARTP to respond to increased demand for its training and accreditation and ensure an accurate, up to date register of competence.

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