Easily view and customise a full range of competence reports.

A full range of competence reports

Myrus's comprehensive reports provide a complete picture of competence across a business. Real time and historical reports can be customised and filtered to deliver data as required. The reports can also inform other business decisions.

Various Reports.

Comprehensive data, reports and analysis gives a complete picture of company compliance and provides reassurance in their competence management process.

Different types

Our mix of reports contain data about progress, completion, compliance, expiry and much more.

Now and then

Competency reports show the current picture of compliance as well as month by month historical breakdowns.

Export data

All reports can be exported for further analysis and data manipulation.

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Extensive reports and analysis gives a complete picture of competence

Customisable data.

Captured competence data can be filtered and presented at different levels. This means that report views can be tailored for specific audiences.

Data can be filtered and customised for specific audiences


Ensure reports show specific client needs or task suitability by creating customisable filters to highlight specific competencies.

User data

Use parameters to pin-point workers competency for specific jobs, locations, clients etc.

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Competence Tracking.

Extensive competence monitoring provides compliance reports on a single person, department, location or even the business as a whole.

Competence monitoring provides reporting of progress and gap analysis

Online reporting

Reports are always available online which enables full compliance data to be viewed at any time.

Gap analysis

Easy to read reports show any gaps in a user’s compliance enabling efficient training plans to be formulated.

Show progress

The availability of historical data allows an individual’s progress to be monitored and reported on.

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Real-time reports.

Live reports show competence across the business as soon as results are achieved.

No spreadsheets

Businesses are no longer required to track competence using time consuming manual methods.

Clear data

Reports are easy to use, analyse and filter and give clear, easy to interpret results.

Flexible analysis

A range of filters and data categories make it easy to find the compliance data you require.

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Real-time reports show live competence and remove the need for manual tracking

Further Analysis.

The range of reporting and data provide businesses with intelligence that can be used in areas beyond competence assurance.

Reporting provides businesses with further analysis possibilities such as job matching

Job matching

Intelligently filter reports with custom attributes to find the best matched workers for specific roles or tasks.

Plan training

Study gaps in competence and use expiry reports to aid the planning of future training requirements.

Reward staff

Use historical and live data to drive loyalty and bonus schemes, offering workers rewards for progress and competence achievements.

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